Italian Cultural Institute, NY

Golden Age by Officina della Scala – Exhibition

September 05, 2023 - September 10, 2023

On the occasion of Art Week NY,

the Italian Cultural Institute in New York hosts the exhibition


by Officina della Scala.

On display, a refined selection of works of art and design objects that are a testimony of the credo of Officina della Scala, and its modus operandi, connected with the Made in Italy craftsmanship. Both furnishings and sculptures prove the Company passion, devotion, and research for the art world. Works by Franco Albini (winner of 3 Compasso d’oro Prize) and meteors will be on view, made of precious materials and fine woods, also covered in gold. Each piece is created not only respecting but also emphasizing the Italian Cultural Heritage, whilst keeping in account the sustainability principles of which Officine della Scala bears witness in the world.



Led by Giorgio PozziOfficina Della Scala group has been promoting art, culture, design and made in Italy all around the world for over 40 years.
In collaboration with designers, architects, engineers, artisans and companies of excellence, Officina Della Scala designs and builds homes, buildings and environments, valorizing each client’s specific demands and personality.
The Company presents unconventional works, which keep distance from industrial production traditional standards, becoming unique pieces, thanks to techniques that enhance excellent materials and craftsmanship knowledge.


When I was a child, I had a dream: to create the most beautiful house in the world…
I have had two great good fortunes in my life: to be born in Italy and to travel to many countries. In 1975 my friend Roberto sent me to coordinate my first job in Saudi Arabia and later, in 1977, in Hong Kong: two places that left a deep mark in my life and professional path. I started with buildings, by creating new ones or by renovating old ones, always following the same guideline: harmony, respect for culture and environment with one single goal, beauty. Yet, operating only on the structures was not enough: to give the buildings a soul, I also had to take care of what was inside and around. From here, I paid more and more attention to interior design, furnishing, garden and water landscape, with one conviction: “Luxury and refinement are not made up of ostentation, but of an equilibrium of shapes and preciousness of materials; in one word, elegance”. This is how I created Officina Della Scala, a team that combines common principles that are rooted in the best Italian spirit, in art, creativity and culture of our country, with attention to internationality and openness to different cultures, which joins seriousness and dedication for one’s work with inexhaustible curiosity, the first step towards innovation and continuous research. From the hardest and roughest materials to the softest and most refined ones, we put care and passion to create something that is not just an office, a shop, a hotel or a house but that is a place where you can live well and spend quality time.



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