Italian Cultural Institute of Washington, D.C.
July 1 - September 10, 2023

Dieci corti in giro per il mondo (Ten Shorts Around the World) 2023

July 1 & September 10, 2023

The Italian Cultural Institute of Washington and Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio present Dieci corti in giro per il mondo (Ten Shorts Around the World) 2023. This selection, which ranges from comedy to drama to documentaries, is meant to be a broad overview of Italian contemporary shorts.

La Confessione
2022 – 15′ – Giuseppe D’Angella, Simone D’Alessandro
In a small village, the balance of the community is brought to an end by a traumatic event. Father Oreste is about to become bishop and leave his legacy to Father Luca, a young priest born and raised in the same village.

Graziano e la Giraffa
2022 – 7′ – Fabio Orlando e Tommaso Zerbi
A man hungry for sausages buys a microwave oven that will drag him into the wild.

Mamme Volanti
2022 – 15′ – Giulio Tonincelli, Paolo Fossati
In one of the wealthiest and most polluted areas of Italy, a group of brave and stubborn women fight to save their territory and their children, revealing a new perspective on the world. People call them Flying Mothers.

2022 – 9′ – Giuditta Vasile

A little girl and a father spend their last morning together in a bare house full of games.

Pizza Panic
2022 – 15′ – Leonardo Malaguti
For ten years Guido receives pizza every day, which he never ordered. Exhausted, he hunts for the person responsible: what seems to be a simple investigation becomes an obsession that may drive him to madness.

Spiaggia Libera
2022 – 16′ – Ludovica Zedda
On a deserted beach, between the sound of waves and the sunlight, Roberto and Matilde spend an apparently quiet summer day.

Eight Steps
2022 – 12′ – Anna Seviroli
Eight Steps tells the story of Nageth and her mother Amira, of their journey towards precarious hope.

2022 – 13′ – Filippo Valsecchi
It's the early Eighties. Two lovers chasing a sunrise in the Tuscan countryside end up in the middle of a crime scene.

2022 – 11′ – Giulio Gobbetti
Neptune is an intimate portrait of Alessandra, the youngest in a lineage of Italian hoteliers.

Travel Notebooks: Cairo, Egypt
2022 – 7′ – Silvia De Gennaro
This is a collage of rust, horns, the singing of the muezzin, ruined houses, princely palaces, and gold, marble, inlaid woods, minarets, silver domes, the mystery of the pyramids and the peace on the Nile.

Shorts in Italian with English subtitles

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