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Dogs, Diplomacy, and Security Transform into the Future

Dogs, Diplomacy, and Security Transform into the Future

Fun and furry creatures are how most of us view our dogs, but they often serve a greater purpose in modern times. They've come a long way from the uneventful days of just being man's best friend. In the present-day world, pups have advanced to other meaningful missions. Our canine companions often play a significant role in defense and security around the world, even diplomacy. Some of their day-to-day activities include critical tasks like search and rescue, helping to locate survivors of natural disasters, sniffing for drugs and explosives, smelling for banned food products in shipment containers, and more.

These four-legged comrades possess the unique ability to detect a variety of diseases, including Covid-19. According to the Phoenix Veterinary Center, "they possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in humans. And the part of a dog's brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is about 40 times greater than ours." That's quite a disparity and explains why these bowwow besties are frequently employed for their instinctive abilities.

Dogs serve worldwide diplomacy every day in performing their international duties. One very prominent way is through the United States Agency for International Development or otherwise known as the USAID. John F. Kennedy implemented many groundbreaking and prolific organizations in the short period he was president, and in 1961, USAID was one of them. During his brief administration, unprecedented projects and extraordinary efforts were industriously pursuing the advancement of many countries and territories' universal progress. This institution was one of the catalysts for the future of successful foreign affairs that we enjoy today. The United States was vigorously birthing a new forward-looking comprehensive platform whereby our great nation not only participated but contributed in a considerably worthwhile humanitarian way. This newly embraced conducive attitude towards the welfare of the world's citizenship incorporated the keen sense of smell and phenomenon of these eternally happy hounds' wondrous noses.

When there is an emergency, USAID representatives often arrive with these expertly-trained, well-qualified dedicated dingos to deliver the much-needed support. Given, what seems to be a supernatural power, their innate hunting skills kick into immediate intrinsic action when traveling to their respective assignments, which are often some of the most devastated destinations. Their inherent reflexes take the accompanied handler right to where they need to be. Usually, in these high-stress environments, the extensively arduous training they previously endure provides an effective execution method. Regularly practicing secures the rewarding outcome they seek in these particular situations, which is to retrieve people who wouldn't be found otherwise without their exceptional facilitation.

Another organization that often uses the snappy snouts of these beauties is the United Nations. Previous to the coronavirus and hopefully one day again soon, when conferences of all kinds are held at the headquarters in New York and all UN locations globally, dogs are the first to arrive on the premises. That's because the grounds are previously thoroughly swept by the competent canines for anything unusual to ensure safety.

These hardworking 'pet' prodigies also rise to the call of military duty. They're warriors in many capacities performing a multitude of roles. Some work right alongside soldiers before, during, and even after joining the armed forces. All in the illustrious name of service. Significant investments are made towards international peacekeeping security measures as they are pervasively far-reaching for both the skilled officer and the animal.

Correspondingly, there are trade show types of events that showcase various dog armor. These displays will yet likely begin once the circumstances surrounding Covid-19 fade away for those interested. Technology seems to be assimilating into every facet of our lives, including combat uniform apparatus manufactured just for dogs, such as cameras attached to the top of headgear that comes with or without googles, both clear and tinted. Model dogs don all the accoutrements available to suitably accessorize the four-legged partner. Lightweight bulletproof vests to protect them and state-of-the-art communication devices so that the K-9's can always be receiving instructions are a few of the outfit options.

A critical level of discipline and outlay is a prerequisite to attain high-performance results. Thus a substantial amount of money, time, and rigorous coaching are perpetually spent. The wide range of expenditures used to indoctrinate these cute creatures is a continuously resolute and steadfast commission filled with knightly ambitions just for them. The daily drills, interminable guidance, and perennial schooling ardently qualifying them to fulfill a myriad of operations properly are crucial to preparing for the day when executing those learned techniques becomes necessary. These fido friends are more than just tail-waggers; they're lifesavers!

While many of these jaunty cohorts get assigned to military or security types of roles, others' employment is for entirely different reasons. In February 2020, just before the pandemic disrupted all of our lives, children were invited to the main United Nations Secretariat building to meet Chloe, a UN therapy dog. She pitter-patters through the corridors to offer a warm, hospitable reception to all, and her specific job is to go around wishing abounding good greetings throughout the entire day. Chloe is received with a welcoming committee everywhere she goes that is comparable to being a Head of State! The joy she so generously spreads to those coming and going - to and fro the United Nations - cannot be measured; the comfort, cheer, and charm this sweet doggy willingly delivers are undoubtedly incalculable. It would be difficult not to be captivated by her unendingly ubiquitous love, always ready to say hello to those who visit and work at this international organization. Currently, though, the UN is closed for actual tours. Still, we expectantly wait for the time when it reopens and eagerly anticipate that Chloe might be there standing by to give her very enthusiastic and cheerful sunny salutations again. Not to worry, she speaks ALL languages!

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