September-October 2021 Articles

G-7 Nations Encouraged to Share the Surplus

Making Vaccines Available to the World

Australia seems to produce some noteworthy leaders today who are making a meaningful difference in the sphere of humanitarianism. The CEO of Global Citizen (GC), Hugh Evans, is only 38 and is making sizable strides in advocating for youth and working hard towards eradicating poverty where it's most severe in economically deprived nations. He grew up just outside of Melbourne. At the ripe old age of 12, Evans volunteered his efforts and partook in the World Vision's 40-hour famine, helping the impoverished in underdeveloped countries to successfully transcend their circumstances. As he jointly participated in their endeavors to serve the needs of others, it opened his eyes to the scarcity, hardship, and insufficiency many live in around the globe every day.

At the time, chronologically, Evans may have been young, but his aspirations were far ahead of him and would, one day, be realized. Traveling to the most remote places as a teenager, he understood that even some of the poorest sections of Australia were richer than certain sectors of Africa, Asia, and India. The constant meagerness, difficulty, and deficit surrounding the living arrangements of various populations deeply affected his heart and seared his conscience in a way that would create change. This young man's character was such that he wouldn't sit by idly and watch it happen. As though in a formidable battle, he felt the call-to-action proceeding fearlessly in co-founding the reputable charity; thus, once officially established, he set out to seize the opportunity and fortuitously conquer regional adversity and situational disadvantage. Albeit not extinguishing all misfortunes, he certainly is making a significant impact!

Just a couple of months ago, at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Evans and his international advocacy organization, Global Citizen, teamed up with various celebrities to host VAX LIVE with a felicitous tagline of "The Concert to Reunite the World." Recovery from this worldwide pandemic is universally celebrated as we consistently make laudable attempts to get the world's populace protected from the afflictions of the coronavirus with effective therapeutics and vaccines.

It was a fundraising concert specifically promoting "donate dollars for doses." Their most prominent goal in the entertaining hour was a concerted effort to inspire the G7 governments to spread the wealth in extending their surplus of vaccines to those countries that aren't as solvent.

Singer, actress, and producer Selena Gomez hosted the event. It was propitious for Gomez to emcee during the night's performances and not surprising as she has proven to be diplomatic and graceful throughout her career. Serving the greater good seems to be something that comes quite naturally to her seemingly inherent sensibilities. Befittingly, UNICEF named Gomez as their ambassador 12 years ago, which is no small appointment. She was only 17 at the time. Undoubtedly, to even be considered for such a high-profile role, one must be insightful and maintain a depth of character to execute the significant breadth of duties assigned to an UN-associated organization.

Jennifer Lopez debuted on the same stage, and, as always, she didn't disappoint. If you want to gain major-league attention, invite the acclaimed pop star J.LO to the mise en scene. Her creative resume includes a myriad of talents; acting, singing, dancing are just a few of them. Truly an anomaly, a career that seems to have the proverbial nine lives. In fact, Forbes magazine concluded that she "may be the most powerful entertainer on the planet!" Lopez enthusiastically employed those ethereal talents by carrying out one of her most illustrious performances ever to demonstrate her support and respectively give back to the international community during the occasion. Enjoying what appears to be an endless amount of energy and motivation, Lopez translates that same level of stamina and creative ingenuity to bring much-needed global attention to various not-for-profit programs and projects. Thus, once again, embracing her panache and dedicating her sincerest efforts, she brought down the house (to use a colloquialism) at the Global Citizen Festival, supporting vaccination for the masses and encouraging the G7 nations to share any excess vaccines with less autonomous countries. In one of her performances, she sang a soft ballad with a backdrop that had a celestial motif. As the song concluded, her biggest fan, J.Lo's mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, joined her on the stage, and they took a bow together. Indeed, it was a moment of great pride to be on such a world platform with her daughter working towards a unified and dedicated goal of improving the lives of others.

Nomzamo Mbatha, a remarkable woman with many skills and numerous achievements, an actress, businesswoman, and human rights activist from South Africa, was also invited to speak at the GC VAX LIVE. She was appointed as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador two short years ago in 2019. In her munificence, Mbatha visited Kenyan refugee camps to spotlight those suffering in the region before accepting the highly-esteemed position. Hence, it was apropos that she lent her name and influence to contribute to the Global Citizen's commendable cause advocating that the Covid-19 vaccines would be made available to the entire continent of Africa.

Keeping in line with the international theme, Colombian artist J Balvin or Jose Balvin, a multiple-award-winning entertainer selling more than 35 million records in his youthful career, regaled and engaged the crowd. He enthralled the audience with an incredibly thought-provoking backdrop. The accompanying troupe danced on a delineating scaffold that resembled a planet in the universe or, otherwise stated, the globe. His captivating and intriguing theatrics heightened the fans' awareness of the festival's true objective by placing an illustration of a gigantic hand holding the world. Although his design is certainly up for interpretation, the memorable depiction served his purpose well. If nothing else, it certainly left a lasting impression with the G7 nations of how they should share any vaccine surplus with all countries.

Other celebrities contributed and spoke during the evening's activities, such as H.E.R., David Letterman, Sean Penn, Keltie Knight, and Olivia Munn.

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