September-October 2021 Articles

Humanitarianism in Italy

Helping to Fund Cancer Research

Summer had well begun looking quite different from the days of the coronavirus in Italy. Contributing to humanitarian causes should continue to occur even during a worldwide pandemic because there are invariably perpetual ubiquitous needs. Privation is always globally present; it's imperative to find out where the exigency is and make sincere efforts to support it.

Football, or Soccer if you reside in the U.S., has been a great source of amusement for the last several centuries. However, there is some dispute over the exact place and time it formally developed into the game we all have come to enjoy today. But the most widely known narrative retold in modern times is that it was initially established as a recreational activity for students of Eton College in Berkshire, England, circa 1863.

Since then, it's grown exponentially and is almost an obsession for many sports enthusiasts. So, if you want to create a wide range of interest in specific endowments, organizing benevolent rounds of amicable and entertaining football contests can be an ideal approach to bringing much-needed resources to disadvantaged people in various ways. To do just that, the "Partita Del Cuore" event, which means "Match of the Heart" in English, was recently hosted in Turin. Quite an appropriate title as Italian Singer Matteo Bocelli, son of the world-renowned opera tenor Andrea Bocelli confronted the game head-on, pun intended and accepted the challenge to benefit those less fortunate. A friendly match was played between Nazionale Cantanti and Campioni per la Ricerca at the Allianz Stadium.

This eleemosynary event is an annual affair; although, Covid-19 interrupted the usual schedule, albeit briefly. The Match of the Heart invites national singers to the game to raise philanthropic funding and awareness. With the Bocelli name, you're sure to make a successful goal!

However, before the challenge began, there was pomp and circumstance, Italian style. A helicopter dropped parachutists above the stadium to kick off the ceremony while holding their nation's venerated flag. Even the design of their beloved flag was embroidered directly into the parachute, proudly representing abounding patriotism.

The revenue produced by selling tickets to a much-anticipated game served as this year's customary contribution. A performance of determination mixed in with a lot of fun supplied some substantially noble generosity. According to the Juventus Football Club, "All money raised from the sale of tickets, priced at 10 or 20 euros depending on the sector, is to be donated to the Fondazione Telethon, a biomedical charity established to research genetic diseases, and Piedmont's Candiolo Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment."

Throughout the game, fans applauded literally and figuratively with their pocketbooks because it's such an extraordinarily charitable cause.

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