Embassy of the Republic of Poland
October 30, 2019
8:00 pm
Avalon Theatre
5612 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC

Join us for a screening of "THE MESSENGER" – the story of Jan Nowak-Jezioranski


Wednesday Signature Series
October 30, 2019, 8:00 pm

Avalon Theatre
5612 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC

Tickets available online or at the theater box office

Dir. Władysław Pasikowski
2019, Poland
Polish with English subtitles, 90 min.

Director Władysław Pasikowski's newest film, The Messenger, is an action-driven spy thriller inspired by the secret missions of famous Warsaw courier Jan Nowak-Jeziorański. Pursued by hostile intelligence agencies, he became the Courier of the Chief Commander of Poland’s AK Home Army resistance and of the Polish Government in Exile in London. As a messenger, he carried top secret information between Warsaw and London and traveled through German-occupied Europe numerous times, narrowly escaping capture. In England, he met with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, providing reports on the situation in occupied Poland. During one of his missions in July 1944, he returned to Warsaw only a few days before the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. During the Uprising, he played an active role in fighting against the Germans by setting up a radio station that maintained contact with Allied countries through daily broadcasts in both Polish and English. After the Warsaw Uprising, he managed to return to England while carrying microfilms documenting the 63-day struggle. His life is marked by courage and integrity, and reflects the dramatic history of Poland.

Wednesday Signature Series
CinePolska is proud to be a part of the prestigious Wednesday Signature Series. Held at the Avalon Theatre, the Wednesday Signature Series is a group of rotating programs that showcase unique films from around the world. Screenings are held on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 pm in its historic downstairs auditorium.

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