Embassy of the Czech Republic
September 19
6 pm
3900 Spring of Freedom St, NW
Washington DC

The Embassy of the Czech Republic will host the US launch of the illustrated book ABCZ or All You Need to Know about Czechia and the Czechs (ABCZ aneb H jako Havel) with author Denisa Šedivá on September 19, 2019, at 6pm. 

Nostalgic while living abroad, the Czech author initially began conceptualizing a children’s book to remember her beloved homeland. As the project grew, the book in its published form is meant for everyone of all ages. It profoundly explores modern Czech cultural identity, using each letter of the alphabet to represent keywords in topics such as history, technology, gastronomy, geography, art, and design. Via concise descriptions and chic graphics, the book beautifully encompasses all you need to know about the Czech Republic and its people. The book was named the Most Beautiful Czech Book of 2018 in the category of textbooks and scholastic resources for all levels by the Ministry of Culture and Museum of Czech Literature. 

Via the Mutual Inspirations Festival 2019 – Marta Kubišová, the Czech Embassy remembers the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution and its heroine, Marta Kubišová, who helped unite the people through her renowned ballad, a symbol of national resistance. The Czech title of the above stated book is ABCZ aneb H jako Havel, which emphasizes the importance of late dissident and later President Václav Havel in Czech culture. In fact, the Velvet Revolution, Václav Havel, and the ballad are all considered within the integral understanding of Czech cultural identity in the book. To learn more, click here

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