European Union National Institutes for Culture in Washington, DC
September 27–28, 2019,
from 6 pm to 1:35 am
Union Stage
740 Water Street SW Washington, DC 20024



September 27–28, 2019

The EUROBEATS Festival will feature 10 European electronic musicians from 10 countries at Union Stage in Washington, DC, from September 27–28, 2019, from 6 pm to 1:35 am. The festival highlights top European artists at the forefront of the electronic music scene. Tickets are free, but RSVP is required.

“EUROBEATS spotlights musicians at the cutting-edge of electronic music – artists making waves in Europe and performing their best sets to entertain, engage, and inspire new generations,” said Sarka Vamberova, President of the European Union National Institutes for Culture in Washington, DC (EUNIC DC).

The 2-night, admission-free event brings together an eclectic group of talent, such as: double platinum recording artist DJ Spiller (Italy), known for his hit single “Groovejet” (If This Ain’t Love); 18-year-old newcomer Zagami Jericho (Czech Republic), named most promising Czech act; Afro-Portuguese electronic producer and DJ Nídia (Portugal); techno aficionado with over 30 releases Samuli Kemppi (Finland); a regular of the Berlin house scene – Perel (Germany); the electric energy and robotic precision of Stockholm-based KISSEY (Sweden); electronic and experimental-pop music composer/DJ Cora Nova (Spain), drumified and symphonic sampling artist ROCHITE (Romania); visual artist and chanteuse MIGLOKO (Lithuania), and the selfmade, electro-jazz drumming wizard CID RIM (Austria).

EUNIC DC has partnered this year with the local DC music venue Union Stage located on The Wharf to draw new audiences and feature these diverse acts. Countries represented include Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Sweden.

The festival began last year to feature the variety and richness of European music. This year the festival has transformed to focus on European music – specifically the electronic music scene, which is outside the typical genres of classical and jazz offered at Embassies across Washington.

“This union of powerhouse artists breaking through on the European market captures something fresh and new - EUROBEATS,” said EUNIC President Vamberova.

Event Details:
Venue: Union Stage
740 Water Street, SW, Washington, DC 20024

Admission free | RSVP required

Doors open at 5 pm
6:15 pm - MIGLOKO (Lithuania) | 7:35 pm - KISSEY (Sweden) | 8:55 pm - CID RIM (Austria) | 10:15 pm - NÍDIA (Portugal) | 12:05 am - SAMULI KEMPPI (Finland)

Doors open at 5 pm
6:15 p m - ROCHITE (Romania) | 7:35 pm - ZAGAMI JERICHO (Czech Republic) | 8:55 pm - PEREL (Germany) | 10:15 pm - DJ SPILLER (Italy) | 12:05 pm - CORA NOVOA (Spain)

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