Embassy of Austria
Thursday July 18, 2019
Embassy of Austria
3524 International Court, NW
Washington, DC 20008

About this Event

The Austrian Embassy and the Austrian Press and Information Service in the United States invite you to the opening of the exhibit and book presentation „Towards the American Century: Austrians in the United States.“

This ongoing project chronicles Austrian immigration to the United States within the trajectory of historical milestones of Austrian-American relations, from the first Salzburgers on the shores of Georgia in 1734 until today. It is the result of a cooperation between the Austrian Press and Information Service and the Austrian Marshall Plan Center for European Studies at the University of New Orleans.

Over the centuries, immigrants from Austria have contributed to American life in various ways. Some have risen to fame, while others lived their lives largely unnoticed. Historians have been investigating their impact and their stories for a long time, and this project strives to become Grand Central Station in the matter by showing an illustrated overview, by providing sources and bibliographies, as well as by collecting photographs and multimedia content.

Select results will be displayed in the exhibit as well as in the companion book presented on this occasion. The exhibit highlights aspects of Austrian immigration to the United States and also showcases examples of individual contributions. In addition, more information and multimedia content on the subject will be made available on the project’s website, austriainusa.org, which will also launch on July 18, 2019.

Ambassador Wolfgang Waldner and co-author Professor Günter Bischof will deliver remarks on the project, followed by a summer reception.

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