Italian Cultural Institute, Washington
March 26, 2019
at 6:00pm
Embassy of Italy
3000 Whitehaven Street NW  Washington, DC 20008


March 26, 2019 at 6pm


A conversation with Plinio Innocenzi,
the author of "The Innovators Behind Leonardo"

concert cover

Although Leonardo da Vinci died 500 years ago this year, we still associate him with the ideal of the "universal man," a person able to nimbly navigate many different disciplines and ideas and find rich and enlightening connections. Both an engineer and an artist, Leonardo left an enormous legacy that goes far beyond the thousands of pages of notes and diagrams in his sketchbook. He is perhaps the most famous among a group of Renaissance artists who helped spark innovations in architecture, painting, science and technology. Leonardo lived in an extraordinary period in human history in which inventors and artists across Europe were able to imagine and dream in a way that still inspires us today.

Embassy of Italy
3000 Whitehaven Street NW
Washington, DC 20008

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