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READING | Viktor Frankl: Nevertheless Say "Yes" To Life

March 1, 2019, 7:00 pm
@Embassy of Austria

Photo |  © The Lahr von Leitis Archive


Gregorij H. von Leitis and Michael Lahr present the program Nevertheless Say "Yes" to Life, a literary collage from the groundbreaking works of Viktor Frankl, founder of the "Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy". After surviving the Holocaust he reflected in his books upon his experiences in the concentration camps. His texts are a powerful plea for reconciliation with oneself and with the world as a precondition for healing the world and society.





"SALONGESPRÄCH" / TALK | Women Leaders in Culture and Arts: Going beyond the obvious

March 7, 2019, 7:00 pm
@Embassy of Austria


Women are still dramatically underrepresented in the world of arts and culture and thus role models of women leaders are more important than ever. But underlying assumptions about gender and leadership run deep in society and are hard to change, even in a “progressive” and creative field like the arts. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, we organize together with the Institute for Women‘s Policy Research a panel discussion, where Stefania Pitscheider Soraperra, Director of the Frauenmuseum Hittisau in Austria, Whitney Rutter, Board President of ArtTable and Makeba Clay, Senior Chief Diversity Officer of The Phillips Collection, together with moderator Tom Minter will address these questions.





READING | Yours, Lise – Exile Letters By Lise Meitner, Physicist 

March 12, 2019, 7:00 pm
@Embassy of Austria

Photo |  © Wikimedia/Nuclear Regulatory Commission 


The Vienna-based musician and producer Stefan Frankenberger and the local actorsJennifer Mendenhall and Michael Kramer present letters by the Austrian-Swedish physicist Lise Meitner, corresponding with Otto Hahn, while she was in exile in Sweden. Hahn won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of the nuclear fission of uranium – a research project Meitner and Hahn started together, before she had to flee Nazi Germany in 1938.







The Green Lie

March 20, 2019, 7:00 pm
@Embassy of Austria

Photo | © e&a film/Dominik Spritzendorfer


The documentary The Green Lie by Werner Boote, that is also part of this year’s DC Environmental Film Festival, addresses questions like the profiteering with “organic” products, food security and globalization. After the screening these questions will be further discussed among panelists, such as the filmmaker and Nora Pouillon, the organic food pioneer of DC. The discussion will be moderated by Julian Lampietti, Manager for Global Agriculture at the World Bank.





FILM SCREENING &  TALK | Empower through Stories 

March 27, 2019, 7:00 pm
@Embassy of Austria


The documentary Nashukuru – Storytelling in the faces of poverty by the young Austrian filmmaker Claudia Koerbler shows how storytelling and empowering through stories can contribute to provoke change and social impact on a global scale. Following the screening Jill Cress, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of National Geographic Partners and Gabriel Laizer, Outreach Coordinator at the Food and Agricultural Organization DC, will join the filmmaker for a panel discussion, moderated by Hannelore Veit, Washington Bureau Chief Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.








Reading & Dialogue | Zeitgeist Literature Festival

April 1, 2019, 6:30 pm
@La Pop Cultural Salon


From the housing projects of Berlin, to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, with foray through the streets of Bucharest, the 2019 edition of the annual Zeitgeist Literature Festival brings the best in contemporary German-language literature to the nation’s capital. It is our honor to welcome Daniela Emminger from Austria, Dana Grigorcea from Switzerland, and Stefanie de Velasco from Germany, to a reading and conversation (in English) with the prominent local writers E. Ethelbert MillerMelissa Scholes Young, and Josh Weiner.






CONCERT | Johannes Moser &
Till Fellner

March 3, 2019 | 5:30 pm
@Shriver Hall

Photo | (c) Fran Kaufman


The "radiant playing" (The Baltimore Sun) of German-Canadian cellist Johannes Moserunites with the refined artistry of Austrian pianist Till Fellner. Together, they juxtapose Beethoven's intimate Op. 102 sonatas, written in 1815, with a varied group of works from a century later. The duo will perform as part of the Shriver Hall Concert Series on March 3, 2019.







CONCERT | The Viennese Classics

March 23, 2019 | 7:30 pm
@Gunston Arts Center

Photo | (c), CC0 License


The Classical period, with it's growing emphasis on the melody was the period where composers could let their imaginations run free in a quest for balance between reason and emotion. Thus the National Chamber Ensemble presents the concert The Viennese Classics, dedicated to this musical period obsessed with clarity, balance and form, playing works by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.





CONCERT | Chamber Music at The Barns

Season 2018/19
@The Barns

Photo | (c), CC0 License


The renowned American pianist Wu Han, Artistic Advisor for Chamber Music at The Barns, chose to center this year’s program on Vienna and its incomparable musical history, as Vienna has likely produced more great music by more famous composers than any other city in the world. Together they created some of the most beloved and revered chamber music. 


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