Embassy of Greece
December 2018

Greek film "Pity" @ 2018 AFI EU Film Showcase

The 2018 AFI EU Film Showcase presents the Greek Film "Pity". The film is a black comedy about a man, who finds himself addicted to his own sadness — with those around him continually throwing pity his way. It is directed by Babis Makridis and the script is co-written by Efthymis Filippou. Comedian Yannis Drakopoulos is in the lead role.

Now in its 31st year, the AFI European Union Film Showcasehighlights the quality and diversity of European filmmaking, with 49 films representing 25 EU member states, including award winners, regional box-office hits, debut works by up-and-coming talents and new works by leading auteurs, plus 12 of the top contenders for this year's Academy Award® for Best Foreign Language Film and eight U.S. premieres.


When the Greeks Ruled the Seas
The Bender JCC presents a lecture by Dr. Diane Cline, George Washington University, titled "When the Greeks Ruled the Seas", on December 12, 2018.

From the Bronze Age to the Roman period and beyond, Greeks created and sold products through risky, long-range trade networks across the seas. Archaeological evidence from ancient Greece, especially maritime discoveries, demonstrates a rich environment for ancient Greek innovation and entrepreneurship. Craftsmen, merchants, and community leaders cooperated to develop customers along trade routes in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas. While sea voyages were vital to the spread of Greek goods, seafaring also facilitated the transmission of their ideas, writings, political systems, religious practices, philosophy of education, and the Greek way of life.

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