Korean Cultural Center
Thursday, June 28
at 7:00 PM
Studio Theatre (Metheny Theatre)
1501 14th St NW,
Washington, DC 20005

2018 OnStage Korea presents
Goblin Party's
Once Upon A Time 
Join us for the second showcase of OnStage Korea’s 2018 season, presenting Once Upon a Time, a fusion of dance, visual storytelling, live music, costumes, and the story-telling songs of pansori, by the original Korean theater troupe Goblin Party. With this unique performance representing a complete theater experience, Goblin Party aims to broaden the boundaries of what theater can be, through a convergence of movement, sound, and live performance.
While objects and props are typically used to help express a theme or intention in a live performance, Goblin Party strives to break this idea: each traditional Korean costume or prop plays a significant role on the stage, contrasting with its original cultural significance and acting as a storytelling medium in itself.

Once Upon a Time explores themes of the past by introducing iconic Korean traditions such as the costumes, instruments, and stories that have shaped Korea’s ancestral culture. The group utilizes traditional Korean cultural items such as gat (horsehair hat), hanbok (traditional clothing), and janggu (hourglass-shaped percussion instrument) to create and present a new kind of theater experience with imagination and humor. Goblin Party’s artists also present classic Korean tales such as Simcheong-ga, one of five surviving stories of the traditional storytelling musical genre pansori. By creating a unique combination of physical movement and instrumental music, channeling ancestral voices through song, Goblin Party breaks the boundaries of performing arts.
This performance strives to present new ways of thinking about traditional culture, but viewers will also experience a drifting sense of time across a single stage, as the artists reflect on things forgotten, unbound by tradition. Ultimately, Once Upon a Time offers a new interpretation of traditions through curiosity and imagination in understanding Korea’s iconic cultural artifacts. It not only suggests a new way of inheriting traditions, but a new view of what traditions mean for each of us.
Once Upon a Time received the Excellent Artwork for Dance Creation award by the Korea Arts Council in 2016, and was selected as one of the Best Five Artworks of the Year by the Korea Dance Critics Association, also in 2016.
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