Solas Nua
May 10 - 25


About the production


2018 marks the 200th birthday of Frederick Douglass. To commemorate Douglass' bicentennial Solas Nua has commissioned a new work that celebrates his 1845 trip to Ireland. It was in Ireland that Douglass said, "I find myself treated not as a color, but as a man." It was also in Ireland where Douglass' freedom papers were purchased by his Irish hosts, his books sold out at his speaking engagements, and he wrote, "I can truly say I have spent some of the happiest moments of my life since landing in this country, I seem to have undergone a transformation. I live a new life." This production will give DC audiences an untold story about one of Washington's greatest historical figures. 

  • The production is site-specific; staged on a pier at The Yard's Marina (Navy Yard) and will feature live hip-hop music and dance remixed in an innovative blend of Irish music and dance.


  • The "project" is written by award winning writers Deirdre Kinahan (Wild Sky; Moment) and Psalmayene 24. In order to get a dual perspective on the subject, we commissioned an African-American and an Irish writer to create pieces that featured Douglass' experience in Ireland. 


  • The production has received support from The DC Commission for Arts & Humanities, The Irish Embassy, Kenneth Morris and the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation. 


Tickets on sale soon - Details on our website


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