Embassy of France
January 17
8:00 PM


The French Cinémathèque at the Avalon Theatre Presents: The Sweet Escape




The Sweet Escape by Bruno Podalydès

January 17 | 8:00 p.m. | 2015 - France - 105 min | Avalon Theatre

Middle-aged graphic design company manager Michel loves planes. Day and night – in the shower, at work, riding his scooter – he dreams of life as an airborne explorer. Then one day a photograph stops him dead in his tracks. Kayaks – they could almost be planes, planes without wings. Seized by a sudden crazy impulse, Michel orders the whole package online: canoe, paddles… everything he needs for an expedition. So what if he’s never rowed a boat in his life? Adventure is adventure! His big trip on the water turns out to be full of surprises and unexpected encounters… After
Park Benches and Granny’s Funeral, Bruno Podalydès returns with a pastoral adventure sparkling with good humor and lighthearted charm. In French with English subtitles.

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