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Tuesday, November 7 6:00pm  Opening

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

686 Park Avenue, New York



Six Artists from the American Academy in Rome  

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the American Academy in Rome, and curated by Christian Caliandro. It is a creative dialogue between American and Italian artists, rising from the understanding that parallel ideas are processed and articulated on the two sides of the Atlantic.  



On view from November 8 to December 5, 2017

Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm


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November 13, 2017 to February 12, 2018

Metropolitan Museum

Fifth Avenue, New York 



Divine Draftsman and Designer  

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564), a towering genius in the history of Western art, will be the subject of this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. For his mastery of drawing, design, sculpture, painting, and architecture, he was called Il Divino ("the divine one") by his contemporaries. His powerful imagery and dazzling technical virtuosity transported viewers and imbued all of his works with a staggering force that continues to enthrall us today.

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Thursday, November 16, 2017 6:00pm  

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

686 Park Avenue, New York


Panel Discussion with Artists featured in

Now Here is Nowhere 

Please join us for a discussion among four of the six artists featured in the exhibition, NOW HERE IS NOWHERE: Six Artists from the American Academy in Rome


CARL D'ALVIA (2013 Fellow)
TOMASO DE LUCA (2017 Italian Fellow) 


NARI WARD (2013 Fellow) 

Moderated by:
VIVIEN GREENE (2004 Fellow)
Senior Curator, Guggenheim Museum

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Tuesday, November 14 2017 6:00pm  

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

686 Park Avenue, New York 



"Those who from afar look like flies" 

A panel discussion to present  Those who from afar look like flies, an anthology of Italian poetry from Pasolini to 1975, edited by Luigi Ballerini e Beppe Cavatorta, University of Toronto Press.  

In conversation with the editors Charles Bernstein, one of the most famous and distinguished American poets. A video of Nanni Balestrini reading some of his poems featured in the book will be shown.

The actor Edoardo Ballerini will read a selection of poems in the English translation.


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Tuesday, November 14 - Friday, November 17, 2017 

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò NYU  

24 West 12th St. New York  


N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events 

N.I.C.E serves as a crucial venue for the showcase and the circulation of the best up-and-coming made in Italy film projects to the international cinema's markets. Every year, the international selection committee of N.I.C.E. selects seven/eight titles (first or second work). Those films, together with a series of special events and retrospectives dedicated to masterpieces of Italian film history, are screened in movie theaters, with their directors and actors in person. 


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Wednesday, November 15, 2017 6:00pm 

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

686 Park Avenue, New York 





On the occasion of the of N.I.C.E USA 2017  screening of the movie The Duel of Wine by Nicolás Carreras. Followed by a Q&A with producer Lino Pujia and sommelier Charlie Arturaola, moderated by Simone Bracci (Film4Life).  

Synopsis: famed sommelier Charlie Arturaola fell from grace after a momentary loss of his taste during the shooting of a movie. In the meantime, another great sommelier, Luca Gardini from Italy, is quickly advancing toward the final stage of the international competition "The Duel of Wine." So Charlie devises a stratagem that will allow him to participate in the competition.....    

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017  6:30-8:30pm

Lecture Hall 101, Feliciano School of Business

Montclair University NJ  



Sicily as a Theater of the World


A Conversation with Playwright and Director Emma Dante, moderated by Teresa Fiore, professor of Italian and Italian American Studies at Montclair State University. 

Internationally acclaimed and multiple award-winning director Emma Dante will visit the United States for the first time to present her play Le Sorelle Macaluso (The Macaluso Sisters), which brings to a summa her exploration of the dialogue between tragedy and comedy in its intense and refined treatment of family and death. 

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Thursday, November 16  7:30pm

Friday, November 17  7:30 pm
Saturday, November 18   8:00 pm
Sunday, November 19  3:00 pm

Alexander Kasser Theater

1 Normal Avenue Montclair, New Jersey




Once upon a time in Sicily, there were seven sisters who lived in Palermo. An untimely death plunges the sisters into their own divine tragedy, this one created by Emma Dante.

"Emma Dante uses a scalpel lightly coated with black humor." - Variety 

In Sicilian and Apulian dialects with English supertitles.     

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017  6:00pm  

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

686 Park Avenue, New York 



In collaboration with Centro Primo Levi and Rome Lab Project,  a lecture on The Arch of Titus, the Jews, and the Ceremony of the Adventus. Marina Caffiero will discuss the symbolism of the ceremony of the Papal adventus, its transformation over time and the role of the Jews.

Before the lecture screening of: "Iom Romì" chronicles a day in the life of the contemporary Jewish community of Rome, produced by Awen Films.  

Marina Caffiero is Full Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Department of History, Cultures, and Religions.     

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Thursday, November 30, 2017  6:00pm 

Istituto Italiano di Cultura

686 Park Avenue, New York 



Cristoforo Colombo 

This is the first of two talks - the second will take place in December and will be dedicated to "Memory, Monuments and Community" -  on the political use of history. In this first meeting we asked to historian, and expert in the period of exploration and the conquests, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto to trace a portrait of Cristoforo Colombo beyond hagiography and denigration.    

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017  6:00pm


Istituto Italiano di Cultura 

686 Park Avenue, New York





Molly Quinn, soprano

Timothy Parsons, countertenor

Johanna Novom, violin

Charles Weaver and Adam Cockerham, lute and theorbo 

Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) is considered one of the most important composers of the early Baroque period of both secular and sacred music.  He is the earliest opera composer whose works, including Orfeo and L'incoronazione di Poppea, are regularly performed today. His music marks the end of the Renaissance style and the beginning of Baroque.   

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