German Consulate General in New York

Many Terrific Events in NYC to Attend In October:

Young professionals listen up: The Quadrille, a fundraiser for student exchange between the U.S. and Germany, invites you to join the 2018 Quadrille Ball. A reception for prospective dancers is on October 16. Quadrille

Embark on a journey into a society in which everyone will have the chance to live up to 250 years of age by joining the public evening lecture “Aging and Society – How to Get Old Tomorrow”, on October 17 at the German House.  Aging and Society

For all those who love documentaries: Israeli- U.S. and German co-production Aida’s Secrets opens October 20 at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas.  Aida’s Secrets

The Margaret Mead Film Festival returns to New York; we are proud to sponsor the German entry to this festival Pre-Crime, which opens on October 21. German Documentary Pre-Crime

For the modern art appreciators among our readers: For the first time in the United States, the exhibition “Beauteous Strivings” presents works on paper by the German Expressionist Fritz Ascher, on October 23.  “Beauteous Strivings”

This will be a one-of-a-kind show: Sven Ratzke an “Entertainer Extraordinaire” returns to New York with his new show “Homme Fatale” to take his audiences on a trip through a mystical night around the world, on October 25 and 27 at Joe’s Pub.  Sven Ratzke: “Homme Fatale”

Sneak peek: Our next event will be: “Nietzsche: From his Protestant Origins to the Anti-Christ”, on October 24Nietzsche


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