Embassy of the Czech Republic
April 12,
8 pm
Avalon Theater,
5612 Connecticut Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20015

The Czech That Film Festival hits the Avalon Theatre on April 12, at 8 pm, with the smash comedy Tiger Theory (Teorie tygra), featuring guest director Radek Bajgar and opening remarks by new Czech Ambassador Hynek Kmoníček. This film debut centers on a veterinarian yearning to get out of his everyday routine and experience the excitement of adventure again. A Q&A with the director follows the screening.  

Czech That Film Festival:
Touring 15 major US cities, the Czech That Film Festival brings screenings and filmmaker discussions of the the best of Czech filmmaking to North America. For more information, please visit www.czechthatfilm.com.         


April 12, 8 pm:  Tiger Theory | Teorie tygra
Q&A with Director Radek Bajgar   

Dir. Radek Bajgar, 2016, 101 min.
Czech w/English subtitles  
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpnJzDZeE7s


Director Radek Bajgar’s poignant debut takes viewers on the road with veterinarian Jan (Jiří Bartoška), who yearns for the call of the wild. He sees himself losing his grip on life, controlled by his wife Olga (Eliška Balzerová). An unconventional patient gives him an idea, setting him on a journey of self-discovery that just might change his life for the better, even though it might lead him to the nuthouse along the way.  

Guest Director: Radek Bajgar (1962) is a scriptwriter, director, and producer. Before turning to film, he worked in the field of general medicine and later became a journalist. From 1990-92, he studied documentary at the Film and Television Academy of the Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. He has served as the chief editor of the weekly magazine Reflex and TV Nova. In 2012, he founded Logline Production, which also produced Tiger Theory, his film debut.                       


For tickets, please visiwww.theavalon.org/czechthatfilm

All films will screen with English subtitles.

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