Austrian Cultural Forum
May 11 - 27, 2016
10 am - 12 pm
2 pm - 4 pm
Austrian Cultural Forum
3524 International Court NW
Washington DC 20008

The exhibition will show the work of Wolfgang Sagmeister and Krista Kim.

Wolfgang Sagmeister was born 1963 in Vienna and received his doctorate in Historical and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna in 2006. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Sagmeister is especially interested in photography and his works deal with the genesis. His work is based on the aesthetic concept of “Wabi-Sabi”, a Japanese art concept, which especially addresses the acceptance and aesthetics of imperfection as well as evanescence. The central topic of “Wabi-Sabi” is to discover beauty in the ordinary. In the course of this exhibition his photographs are shown for the first time in the USA. Sagmeister combines in his exhibition “Indisputable Evidence..? two of his photography series: The Stations of the Cross and Light. The focus lies intensively on minimalistic approaches. The reduction of the photographs seeks to prevent external distraction and give the spectator the possibility to internalize the pictured topic. With his works he aims to encourage the consciousness of the essential in life. The way of the cross encourages the spectator to pause and question everyday issues such as death, compassion and hope. Religion is the fundamental of faith as well as purpose, gives strength, but is nevertheless frequently misused. In dialogue to this engages his work “light”. Light is the foundation of all life. Light and Color, pictures, films, photographs trigger positive as well as negative emotions and are used as a mean to manipulate. Similar to the Way of the Cross they have to be critically scrutinized. In this relation the title of “Indisputable Evidence” was given. Doesn’t one stop questioning everything, as soon as some presumed proof has been found? The individual attitude and personal experience of the spectator to these topics, allows diversified approaches to the photographs.
Kim earned her MFA from La Salle College of the Arts / Goldsmiths UK in 2014 and has been exhibiting in Shanghai, Singapore and New York. She is a Techism artist whose work is a response to our constant exposure to LED lights through our devices.  Her work expresses digital consciousness and questions our current aesthetic principles. Kim is interested in digital technology and its revolutionary effects on human perception, media, social structures and communication. She is considered one of the most trending artists online and is a spokesperson for greater inter-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration between innovators of the Tech industry and artists through the Techism movement.
Tickets: General Admission is free and open to the public.

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