Embassy of the Republic of Poland
April 28, 2016
6:30 pm
Embassy of the Republic of Poland
2640 16th Street NW
Washington DC 20009

The Here After | Intruz
Dir. Magnus Von Horn 2015, 98 min.
in Swedish with English subtitles   

Synopsis: The Here After is a story of a teenager who goes back to his family after leaving a prison for young offenders. Seventeen-year-old John wants to return home, but his community does not want him anymore. He becomes the victim of social ostracism, bullied by his brutal classmates. A review by the The Hollywood Reporter states “An angry young man struggles to escape the shadow of his violent past in this somber Scandi-Polish drama. (…) Partly modeled on real case studies, Warsaw-based Swedish auteur Magnus Von Horn’s feature debut is backed by Lars Von Trier’s Zentropa Company and boasts handsome cinematography by Lukasz Zal.” The film is a story about the evil hidden under the cover of social norms.  

Awards: Director Magnus von Horn was nominated for the Golden Camera at the Cannes Film Festival 2015. The film won three Golden Lions at the Gdynia Film Festival in 2015, including Best Director, Best Editing, and Best Screenplay.    

About the Director: Magnus von Horn is a director and screenwriter, born in 1983 in Göteborg, Sweden. In 2003, he started studying directing at the Łódź Film School in Poland. For his first student short, Radek (2006), he won the Maciej Szumowski Award for Special Social Sensitivity at the Kraków Film Festival. In 2009, he won the Silver Lajkonik Award at the same festival for his feature short Echo. The theme of crime as a transgression of norms that can be committed by anyone has been present in the director’s work from the very beginning.The Here After marks his feature film debut.

When: April 28, 2016 6:30 pm

Where: Embassy of the Republic of Poland, 2640 16th Street NW, Washington DC 20009

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