Embassy of France
March 15 - 26, 2016
Embassy of France
4101 Reservoir Road NW
Washington DC 20007

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy supports the 24th edition of the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital.

Featuring 150 films from all over the world, the Festival aims to raise awareness of the environment by providing different perspectives on a wide variety of issues through cinema.

Two documentaries will be presented at the French Embassy.

Good Things Await by Phie Ambo (Denmark, 2014, 95 min)
March 17 | 7:00 pm

Presented as part of the COP21 in Paris last December and “The Grand Prix” award-winner at the Fife 2015 (Festival international du film d'environnement), the documentary unveils Niels Stokholm’s vision and philosophy. This Danish farmer visionary decided to experience a biodynamic approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition, based on low-tech methods and the understanding of the cosmos. While his farm supplies some of the highest-rated restaurants on earth, Niels Stokholm battles bureaucracy, who claims he violates health codes, in his quest to preserve Danish Red dairy cattle, and to practice crop and animal husbandry in a respectful manner.

Good Things Await captures the life of the farm, from pulsating earthworms to majestic Danish Red cattle, with a mesmerizing vocal score by the Theatre of Voices.
In Danish with English subtitles

Online reservation is required here for this free admission screening.

Overburden by Chad Stevens (USA, 2015, 66 min)
Monday, March 21 | 7:00 pm

Based on seven years of investigation, Overburden tells the story of legal battle of Lorelei, a veteran environmentalist, and Betty, a pro-coal activist who lose her brother in a fiery mining disaster, with Massey Energy. The documentary gives voice to the complex social, environmental, and economic situations of an underrepresented West Virginia community in the Appalachia region. By capturing ecological and political engagement of both women, Chad Stevens shows the human stories behind the daily operations of one of the United States’ most misunderstood and complicated sources of energy.

Online reservation is required here for this free admission screening.

When: March 15 - 26, 2016

Where: Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Road NW, Washington DC 20007

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