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Tremendous selection of quality furniture that's built to last

Furniture made to our specifications with our attention to detail. Come see the CORT difference for yourself.

High quality, previously rented furniture from executive apartments, movie sets and model homes now on sale in over 100 locations nationwide. Quality craftsmanship at unbeatable values. You will find:

    • Home & office furniture

    • Electronics, accessories & more

    • Inventory changes daily

    • Prices up to 70% off new retail

About CORT Clearance Furniture

Whenever people need furniture on a temporary basis – because they're relocating or moving away from home temporarily, they rely on CORT for furniture rental solutions. When this furniture is returned from being rented, it is cleaned, reconditioned and repaired if necessary.

Long before it is no longer in condition to be rented again, we move our furniture to be sold in one of our CORT Clearance Centers. This is part of the “circle of life” of furniture at CORT. By not waiting until the furniture can no longer be used, where the only solution is to be thrown out, which would mean more waste in our landfills; we are protecting our environment.

When CORT moves pre-leased furniture to the CORT Clearance Centers, it's your chance for great savings on furniture for your home or office. Our prices are up to 70% off new retail, every day. Price discounts are based on the grade or condition the product is in.

We use a grading scale of: New, A, B, C, or D.

    • Grade A: Showroom condition, rental quality. Offered for sale when overstocked.
    • Grade B: Near Showroom condition. This furniture does not meet our high rental standards. A great value in the Clearance Center!
    • Grade C:  Minor, but noticeable imperfections. The greatest Value!
    • Grade D: Noticeable wear and tear. The lowest price on very serviceable furniture!

You will find a complete range of furniture needs including living room, dining room, bedroom and office furniture. Our extensive inventory is updated daily. So if you don’t find what you like in one visit, you just may on the next.

Find a location near you.

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