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With so many property management companies vying for your business, how do you make the right selection for your property? After all, most of these companies promise the same things, offer the same services and cost roughly the same.

At Metropolitan Pacific Properties, we believe the difference is our people. For over 20 years, we have built a reputation for staff that is not only experienced, but also meticulous - down to the smallest detail, and we have a track record to prove it! Whether it's evaluating employees, checking expenditures or selecting vendors, our people know what to look for...and what to look out for. And we keep you informed every step of the way. 

We invite you to review the property managment services we offer and to get to know us as a company and as individuals. At Metropolitan Pacific, we're confident that we have the systems, the talent and the desire to satisfy all of your property management needs whether your property is a Co-op, Condo, HOA, Rental, Commercial, Industrial, or Government BuildingMetropolitan Pacific Properties stands ready to exceed your expectations.  

Property Management Company for Government Buildings

Managing government buildings is challenging and requires an experienced property management company that is sensitive to the diplomatic processes involved in government institutions. U.S. and foreign governments trust Metropolitan Pacific Properties to manage their commercial space because of our proven track record and unique expertise in serving the needs of Government clients.  

When a Government agency contacts our office, they receive immediate attention from our knowledgeable, 24/7 team. Any and all issues are addressed quickly, without compromise.  For over 20 years, clients have told us that the difference is our people.

r full service property management services for Government buildings has saved our high profile governmental clients tens of thousands of dollars in the first year of management. We build a team around each client—including our in-house CPAs—and aggressively review the building’s service contracts. We then negotiate the best prices to reduce operating and maintenance costs.  At the same time, we actively find ways to increase revenues for the building, increasing its top line.

Saving Government Clients Money

Because we have a large portfolio and strong industry relationships, we are uniquely able to use our purchasing power to leverage the best prices on items such as building supplies, insurance, as well as energy utilities since the deregulation of energy markets.  

For example, we noticed that one Government building was paying premium prices on electric, as the previous management company did not bother seeking out the best price from suppliers.  We immediately took action, hedging the price of energy with our suppliers to ensure the best possible price now as well as into the future.  Additionally, we notice that light bulbs throughout the building were not energy efficient compared to current products available.  By retrofitting the Government building with energy efficient products, we are continually saving the building money on an ongoing basis. 

Our Government building property management team also noticed that such things as accounting fees were being charged unnecessarily. Overpriced maintenance services such as glass cleaning and elevator inspections were an additional issue.  Because our property managers are thorough and aggressive in uncovering opportunities for cost savings, we are able to obtain measurable results for our clients.

Increasing Revenues for Government Buildings

Aside from our ability to save the building money, Metropolitan has also increased the building’s income by successfully negotiating additional rent from the building’s lessees.  

The end result: The forecasted operating budget for the upcoming year is projected to be half of the cost of previous years under the previous management company, which more than pays for our management fee.

Improving Safety in Government Buildings

In addition to benefiting from huge cost-savings, we make sure that the building is safe for the government officials.  We have stepped up the security in the building so that high profile governmental officials and building visitors are safer at work.   

If you are a government entity, consulate to the UN/Mission to the UN or even a foreign ambassador, and would like to reduce costs and increase revenues, please contact our office at (212) 944-9100.


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