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August 19, 2015
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J-Film Series
Presented by the JICC, Embassy of Japan and the Japan Commerce Association of Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, August 19, 6:30 p.m.

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JICC, Embassy of Japan
1150 18th St, NW
Suite 100
Washington, DC 20036 

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© 2011 "Postcard" Kindai Eiga Kyokai/Watanabe Shoji/Plandas | 2011 | 114 min | Not Rated | In Japanese with English subtitles | Directed by Kaneto Shindo

The final film from director Kaneto Shindo and based on his wartime experiences.

Towards the end of the war a soldier, Sadazo, is selected by lottery for duty on the frontlines. Believing this assignment will mean his certain death he entrusts a fellow soldier, Keita (Etsushi Toyokawa) with a postcard from Sadazo's wife, Tomoko (Shinobu Otake). He instructs Keita to find his wife and tell her that he received the letter before he died.

Meanwhile, Tomoko, who remains at home, struggles to maintain the house, farm, and the care of Sadazo's parents. When the war ends, Keita finds Tomoko and learns of the many hardships that she had to endure. The film follows the fates of both Keita and Tomoko as they struggle through the tragedy and heartbreak wrought by war.

Winner of: Special Jury Prize (Tokyo International Film Festival, 2010), Best Screenplay & Best Film Score (Mainichi Film Concours, 2011), Best Film (Kinema Junpo Awards, 2011). Nominated for: Best Film (Asian Film Awards, 2012), Best Director (Japanese Academy Awards, 2012), Tokyo Grand Prix (Tokyo International Film Festival, 2010).

Submitted for consideration for Best Foreign Language Film in the 84th Academy Awards.


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