Spain Arts and Culture
June 27th, 2015
St Anselm's Abbey School
4501 South Dakota Ave NE
Washington, DC 20017

The performance arts ensemble Musica Aperta commemorates the 500th anniversary of the birth of Saint Teresa of Ávila with a theatrical experience.

Long before sainthood, Teresa of Avila sought inner peace amidst chaos, asking the ageless question how does one live an interior life in an exterior world? Her questioning is just as profound today, at the 500th anniversary of her birth.

The Interior Castle follows the professional and spiritual journey of a female reporter in the 21st Century, as she seeks to uncover the mysteries of Santa Teresa and her relevance in the modern world. She explores the perspectives of Tomas Luis de Victoria, Saint John of the Cross, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and others who were captivated by Teresa’s passion and vision. The reporter’s quest ultimately leads to reflections on the seven stages of prayer outlined in The Interior Castle, and are mirrored by seven musical movements.

It takes many art forms to capture her immense impact, and Musica Aperta's prismatic theatrical experience uses poetry, multi-media, music and drama to celebrate the communion of Santa Teresa's lifelong quest for spiritual truth and how we all might follow in her footsteps.

  • Sat, June 27, 2015
  •  4:00 pm

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