World Bank Group - A Handful of Bullets
March 5th, 2015
J1-050 Auditorium
World Bank J Bldg
701 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC, 20433

Handful of Bullets: How the Murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Still Menaces the Peace?

by Harlan K. Ullman

Thursday March 5 at 12:30 PM in J1-050

Arising from the assassination a century ago, in A Handful of Bullets the author argues four new horsemen of the Apocalypse have ultimately arisen to confront mankind. Among them are failing government; economic despair; religious extremism; and environmental catastrophe. The book offers provocative and specific recommendations for corralling and containing these dangerous riders both at home and abroad including chapters on cyber; the financial crises of 2007-8; and wild cards that could profoundly alter global events.

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