The Japan Foundation - JAPANEMA
February 2015
JFLA Auditorium
5700 Wilshire Blvd. #100
Los Angeles, CA 90036

JAPANEMA: Free Japanese Cinema Screening

The Pathos of White-collar Life as Society Undergoes Transformation
Early Spring (145mins, 1956)
Directed by Yasujiro Ozu 
Wednesday, February 11 @ 7PM (JFLA Auditorium)

In his first film after the commercial and critical success of Tokyo Story, Ozu examines life in postwar Japan through the eyes of a young salaryman, Shoji (Ryo Ikebe), dissatisfied with career and marriage, who begins an affair with a flirtatious co-worker, Chiyo (Keiko Kishi).

Japan's official Foreign Language Film submission for the 87th Academy Awards 

The Light Shines Only There (120mins, 2014)
Directed by Mipo O
Wednesday, February 25 @ 7PM (JFLA Auditorium)

Depressed after an incident, Tatsuo (Go Ayano) has given up working and is idling his life away. One day at a Pachinko parlor, he gets to know a coarse but friendly young man, Takuji (Masaki Suda), when he gives him a disposable lighter. Tatsuo accepts Takuji's invitation and follows him home, which turns out to be a rundown, isolated house. It is here that Tatsuo meets Takuji's older sister, Chinatsu (Chizuru Ikewaki). They feel a quick mutual attraction and become close, but Chinatsu's life is difficult as she struggles to support her family. Even so, Tatsuo remains steadfast in his love for Chinatsu, and his unwavering feelings begin to sway her. Since finding a connection with Chinatsu, Tatsuo's reality quietly begins to regain its color and he rediscovers his ambitions in the world which he had almost lost. But there will be more tests to come...

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