Korean Cultural Center: Multi-lane H.O.V Exhibit
Jan 23 to Feb 20, 2015
Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C.
(2370 Massachusetts Ave. NW)

Join us for 
Multi-lane H.O.V, a new exhibition featuring four talented young artists from New York-based H.O.V Art as they present a diverse collection of visual, mixed media, and sculpture art that plays on themes of individuality, emotion, and the always changing, infinitely possible self. 


'H.O.V' stands for High on Visual Art. The group's 14 female members aim to minimize the boundaries between Korean art culture and global art culture with the belief that success will come from traveling towards that goal together--hence the group name, a play on high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) traffic lanes. For more information, visit H.O.V Art online.

About the Art and Artists


Dong Hee Lee uses abstract patterns and forms to evoke the drama and beauty of our invisible origins. She chose a symbol of the creation of life because this represents the generative power and mystery of our physical and spiritual realities. The motive behind her work is having people think about the process of transformation and the infinite possibilities within us.


Jeong Min Park will present a series on individuality that portrays the artist’s direct and indirect experiences in an abstract manner. Her artwork can evoke a mountain, but the actual composition is layered images that depict a scrapbook-like theme of the artist’s memories.   


Zin Helena Song pairs geometric shapes with colors to create a multi-dimensional painting. The artist believes that when simple shapes and colors come together they can create a powerful synergy that parallels the effect that individuals and society have on each other when they work together.  Through her work, the artist strives to convey positive energy to the audience.


Miro Kang draws on the emotion of relationships to create sculpture in an abstract form. The emotions that the sculpture portrays are conveyed through spatial forms. This space is called “the room of emotions,” where the artist hopes that the audience can discuss and relate to the complex emotions presented.

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