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About Intrepid Executive Group

The Intrepid Executive Group screens Projects for a remarkable number of private Sources of funding around the world, principally: offshore money management groups, very large trusts, funds, pension plans and several boutique investment groups, ALL of which are seeking sensible Projects with solid profit potential…. and they are lending!

Connecting our Clients with billions of dollars of private capital resources, over the years, is not something that happened by chance. Rather, it is the result of the combination of carefully-considered and well-written business planning documentation, well-motivated Clients and our meaningful relationships with private investment Sources.

Do you wish to have exposure to a funding system that brings results?
If so, read on and learn how the Intrepid Executive Group may help you chart a course for you and your ultimate financial goals.

Over the years, Intrepid has carefully nurtured relationships with an extensive group of International financiers who are routinely open to funding Projects with the following characteristics / requirements:

      • Domestic U.S. Investment
      • Offshore Investment
      • Debt-based Capital
      • Equity-based Capital
      • Debt/Equity (Blended)-based
      • Asset-based Funding
      • Non-Asset-based Funding
      • P.O.-based Funding
      • A/R-based Funding

Would any of these funding approaches help you to reach your business goals?
 Intrepid's mission is to do everything we can to get you to the business capital you require. By providing our organization with your COMPLETE, written documentation (we will accept this, electronically), we will be pleased to review it, thoroughly, and arrange for you to meet with us and, ultimately, with the appropriate Source(s) of funding.

Why Intrepid?

Our services have been uniquely designed for a single purpose: to help serious business people obtain the funding they require to achieve their goals. Further, no one in this Industry does as good a job as we do to ensure your privacy, as well as the confidential nature of your financial requirements and our role in the transaction of your Project funding.

Our services are not for everyone. They have been established and reserved for those who understand and appreciate the extreme value we bring to their funding requirement. Let's see what we may be able to do for YOU! 

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