Azore Global Management
20130 Lakeview Center Plaza
Penthouse Suite 400
Ashburn, VA 20147

Tel: +1 703.840.5468

Azore Global Management is a leading provider of language education, consultation, and multimedia talent for international students, professionals, and companies seeking to maximize their competitive advantages in a global marketplace. Headquartered in the United States with over 70 locations worldwide, Azore customization exceeds client expectation.


Your transition to higher learning and a new career should be well-planned and effortless. Azore offers individual consulting for various stages of your learning and working pursuits.

Well equipped with years of experience as graduate alumni, entrepreneurs, admissions interviewers, and hiring managers, Azore consultants do more than proofread your essays and résumé. They examine your strategy for applications. They prepare you for interviews, and even assist you with image consulting if you seek a corporate look that will appeal to interviewers.

Depending on deadlines, location and scheduling, you may meet your consultant in person. Alternatively, connections via videoconference and email provide convenience.

Are you preparing to apply for undergraduate or graduate school? If you need an edge or feedback during this process, connect with a personalized Azore Guidance Consultant.  

Services include the following:

  • Portfolio Development - Determine which school best suits your career goals

  • Application Review - Have a second eye review your application and avoid costly mistakes

  • Essay Critiques - Work with professional editors to ensure your first impression truly expresses your life experiences and goals to your target schools.  

  • Admission Interviewing Skills - Azore Guidance Consultants have experience as college admissions interviewers.  Let one prepare you for your meeting.

  • Post-Acceptance Decisions - Managed to secure multiple acceptance letters?  Work with Azore Global to make a wiser selection.

Visit the Azore Global Payment Portal to schedule services with your Azore Guidance Consultant today!  You can meet in person, or you can connect remotely from anywhere in the world.

Are you a recent graduate joining the workforce?  Are you a seasoned professional seeking a new career within or beyond your current area of expertise?  Contact Azore today for a personal Azore Career Advisor.

Services include the following:

  • Résumé Analysis and Critique - Has your résumé or CV lowered your chances for an interview?  Get to stage one of the job search by revisiting this critical document with an Azore Career Advisor.

  • Cover Letter Editing - Do not overlook the added edge a cover letter can provide.  Let Azore Global deliver prompt feedback regarding your approach.

  • Interviewing Strategies - Azore Career Advisors have served on hiring committees in multiple industries.  Connect with one to work on your in-person or telephone interviewing strategies.  Learn how to improve tact and manage conversation obstacles so hiring managers want to invite you to the next stage.

  • Image Consulting - Azore Career Advisors realize your interview process does not stop with documents and phone calls.  Work on your image in areas of wardrobe accessories, speaking and social etiquette, and cultural awareness.

  • Post-Offer Negotiation - Congratulations on securing an offer! Do not sell yourself short when it comes to the terms of your upcoming employment.  Azore Global offers market research and advice for benefits, staff support needs, work schedules, and compensation packages particular to your position and location.

Visit the Azore Global Payment Portal to schedule services with your Azore Career Advisor today!  You can meet in person, or you can connect remotely from anywhere in the world.

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