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The Mount Sinai Hospital International Services and Executive Health

As one of the oldest, largest, and most respected medical centers in the United States, The Mount Sinai Hospital is home to some of the world's top doctors and leading research studies. This advantageous combination offers patients the benefits of vast expertise, coordinated care, and the latest treatment options. Our International Services Department and Executive Health Program are proud to connect our clients with these experts delivering unparalleled medical services, and we are pleased to personally coordinate the entire treatment process to ensure the best possible patient experience.

To provide the highest level of care, our International Services Department assigns each visiting patient a dedicated member of our medical concierge team, who offers continuous personal assistance from the initial phone call to the final transfer of medical records after treatment is complete. By performing a variety of services, such as scheduling medical appointments, securing cost estimates, and coordinating medical travel, our team manages all logistics, so patients are free to focus on treatment and healing.

Our Executive Health Program for Diagnostic and Preventive Medicine is a comprehensive one-day assessment, designed to help patients proactively take control of their health with preventive action. Each participant of the Program undergoes a comprehensive set of lab tests and non-invasive exams with senior level, world-renowned physicians. Before leaving, clients are given the results, an in-depth consultation, and strategic recommendations to address any current or potential health issues.

The goal of The Mount Sinai Hospital's International Services Department and Executive Health Program is to provide our clients with outstanding medical care, personalized to the specific needs of each patient and their family.

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