Embassy of the Czech Republic - Movie Screening
July 13, 2011
8 PM
Avalon Theater
5612 Connecticut Avenue NW,
Washington DC20015

The Avalon Theater will screen for one night only the film

I'm All Good (U m? dobrý)
by renowned Czech director Jan H?ebejk

as part of the Lions of Czech Film Series
organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

In this comedy, friends take the law into their own hands when one of their friends falls victim to con men. Tonda and his companion Andula run a pub called At the Ferryman's. Pub-goer Kája, whose marriage is on the rocks because of his gambling, plays cards at the pub with his friends. Besides a security guard, he has saved a pretty penny by posing as a chimney sweep for newlywed photos. Now, he wants to use the money to take his wife on a long-promised seaside vacation, a promise that could breathe new life into their relationship. In a moment of weakness, Kája loses all of his savings. Scared of losing his wife, he requests the help of his pub friends.

About Director Jan H?ebejk:
Czech film director Jan H?ebejk graduated from the prestigious Film and Television Academy of the Performing Arts (FAMU). His professional debut was the short film for Czech TV called You Do Nothing Because You've Got No Good Reason (1991). Soon after his directorial debut, he started catching the attention of critics and audiences. Some of his more acclaimed films include Big Beat (Šakalí léta, 1993), Divided We Fall (Musíme si pomáhat, 2000), Up and Down (Horem pádem, 2004), Beauty in Trouble (Kráska v nesnázích, 2006), and Teddy Bear (Medvídek, 2007). His 2009 film Kawasaki's Rose was selected as the Czech entry for the Best Foreign Language Film for the 83rd Academy Awards. He won Czech Lions for Best Director in 1993, 2000, and 2004.

Ticket information:
The Avalon Theatre is located at 5612 Connecticut Avenue, NW,Washington, DC20015. Tickets may be purchased at the box office or online at www.theavalon.org.
Tickets are $11 (Adults); $9 (Students); $8.25 (Seniors, 62+); $8 (Children, 12 and under); $6.75 (Avalon Members); and $5.75 (Seniors who are Avalon Members.
For more information, call the box office at: (202) 966–3464, or to hear general information about films playing at the Avalon, call (202) 966–6000.
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