The World Bank - Managing Openness: Trade and Outward-Oriented Growth after the Crisis
Wednesday, June 22
Info Shop Auditorium, J1-050
Enter at 701 18th Street, NW

Managing Openness: Trade and Outward-Oriented Growth after the Crisis

Wednesday, June 22, 12-2pm
Auditorium J1-050, Enter at 701 18th Street, NW

The global financial crisis triggered a broad reassessment of economic integration policies in developed and developing countries worldwide. The crisis-induced collapse in trade was the sharpest ever since World War II, affecting all countries and all product categories. A huge shock to the trading system, combined with severe macroeconomic instability, makes it natural for policymakers to call into question the basic underlying assumptions of trade liberalization and openness. In particular, outward-oriented or export-led growth strategies are being reassessed as openness is increasingly associated with greater volatility. However, it is crucial not to lose sight of the dynamic benefits that openness can offer. Examples include technology transfer, increased competitive pressure that reduces markups and improves efficiency, and economies of scale. The real question is how to manage outward-oriented strategies so as to maximize the benefits of openness while minimizing risks.

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